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Mind Gauntlet is a live online game show in which contestants, known as Heroes, compete in psychological challenges, called Tasks, to further themselves in the game. The game is hosted by the Gauntlet Mistress, Sófi, and the game continues until only one hero is left.

Gameplay Edit

The Mind Gauntlet consist of 11 heroes, each assigned a color, and is also given a diary. After doing a task, one hero is safe. The safe hero chooses one other hero to be safe, and the chosen one chooses someone else to be safe, and so on. The last person to be chosen gets eliminated, and the game repeats until only two heroes remain. By then, all eliminated heroes vote on who should win.

Seasons Edit

So far, there are only two seasons:

Experiment 1: Seattle

Experiment 2: Budapest

Latest activityEdit

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